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Queen Bitch

so swishy in her satin and tat

QUEEN BITCH FEST: the adam lambert fic fest!
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QUEEN BITCH: the first Adam Lambert slash fic fest.

coming 24 July, 2009.

what this is: Queen Bitch is a fanfic fest devoted to Adam Lambert, the runner-up contestant on season eight of "American Idol."

which means: Authors will select prompts based on a theme, and write stories of no less than 1000 words that feature Adam Lambert.

the theme: The musical canon of DAVID BOWIE, original glam rock superstar and one of Adam's heroes.

the stories:
-no less than 1000 words
-based on, inspired by, or in some way incorporating a specific David Bowie song
-any rating
-any slash (m/m) pairing featuring Adam
-any gen (non-romantic) story with Adam as a main character

the dates:
signups: 24 july - 10 august
the deadline: 10 november
the posting: 17 november
the reveal: 20 november

icons, header, layout: paitac

the queen bitch: yeats